Conferences & Workshops

Energizer Olson Presentations combine energy, enthusiasm, humor and activity to deliver the desired message.
In my efforts to promote my service I have participated in numerous conventions, conferences and workshops. I know I have valuable information to share and in the process of working in this type of venue, I have discovered that I do have an ability to inspire, entertain and educate. My participation in these types of events has included keynote speeches, conducting workshops and both pre and post conference extended time programs.

While my background and experience is in the field of education, my style and presentation ability has allowed me to make an impact on a wide variety of audiences.

Conventions and conferences are always organized with the dual goals of both educating and energizing the group or organization. My message of energy, motivation and appreciation for the value of work/life experience fits well with these goals. Energizing is my forte. My success as a teacher, counselor and coach come from my ability to motivate and inspire. In addition, my strong background in leadership development has helped me to formulate informational programs that are of interest to all groups or organizations.

Some of these topics would include:

  • Communications
  • Problem Solving
  • Creativity
  • Customer Service
  • Networking
  • Goals
  • Organization
  • Responsibility

Through Energizer Olson, I also market and distribute qualitative products to enhance teaching, presenting and team / group development. These products include books, videos, magic tricks and publications. As a part of the convention activities I enjoy exhibiting these products. My goal is to provide quality products at reasonable prices.