Linda Whitney, Superintendent

Sanborn Central School District

Carl Olson provided fun and energetic activities for our staff development day before school started this year. We wanted a day to energize and fire out our staff and that's exactly what happened. The activities he showed the staff can be used with students as well as bell ringer, in transitions, and at the end of a class period. I would strongly recommend Car. Olson as a presenter. His title, "Energizer Olson" is right on!

Dan Creely Jr., Professor Emeritus

Northeastern Illinois University

His evaluations indicated he did an outstanding job! Participants asked us to bring him back in the future, and we plan to. When he was not presenting he was running spontaneous workshops right at his vendors table. He worked non stop providing ideas and helpful solutions for anyone who stopped by to chat. At one point I thought we were going to need a traffic light for the number of people who were with him. His positive energy is contagious.

Freddy Brown, Secondary Assistant Principal

Gosnell Secondary School

We invited Mr. Olson to be a part of our October 23, 2009 Professional Development Day for Parental Involvement and Classroom Management for grades K-12 (approx. 100 teachers). His presentation was an energizing event. Teachers left commenting that it was "the best professional development they had had in years."

Chad Schmidt, President

MN State Residential Schools Education Association

Carl's obvious skill and success as an educator is displayed in his presentation. His presentations are organized with the precision of a marksmen and clear intent on targeting each participant to make them better. Carl's years of experience and vast knowledge of teaching and learning make him a master teacher.

Brad Kelvington, Principal

Foley Intermediate Schools

Foley Intermediate School staff saw Mr. Olson at our Minnesota Middle School Conference in the fall two years ago and said we have to have him speak to our staff and re-energize ourselves. So ... that spring we did and that turned out to be the best inservice we have had in years.

Lauren Guilkey, K-12 Professional Counselor

Tina-Avalon R-2 School

Carl was able to motivate our staff, by encouraging things like laughter, magic, educational movies, funny moments, etc. in the classroom. Carl made us all realize learning is possible while having fun.

Randy Schlueter, Principal

Beatrice Middle School

Carl has presented and been an exhibitor at several state and regional conferences sponsored by NAMLE. At each of these e events, Carl has been a magnet for attendees who are interested in his teaching methods to gain and maintain the attention of students.

Tara Derbick, HR Manager

First Choice Dental Group

Carl delivered a home run message at our event. His personality, demeanor, enthusiasm, and all around presence connected well with everyone. Comments about Carl ranged from one of the most energetic and entertaining speakers we have ever heard to the best speaker we have ever had at our Annual All Staff Meeting. Carl has an ability to connect with people, and is gifted in balancing a serious message with light animated humor. He has a powerful message to deliver in a powerful manner. Many of the employees suggested that we invite him back to speak again. He not only met expectations but he exceeded them! Those who meet and hear Carl will be moved and changed. A must hear! An incredible, humble, gracious speaker!

Sue Arbuckle, Conference Director

Florida Counseling Association

You were hands down the BEST presenter I have seen at one of our conventions, EVER. The feedback we received from your Keynote was OUTSTANDING! Here is just one of the statements we received from a convention participant: The most impressionable session I went to was the post-convention workshop with Carl Olson. The energy and enthusiasm that Carl has radiates onto his audience. He gave me so much more than I realized. He started a new spark in me that has already started burning flames. On that same note, how would you like to come back in November and do a pre-convention workshop? We would LOVE to have you back!

Catherine Knapp, Extension Educator

Wabasha County, MN

To say that Carl is a "keynote speaker" is an understatement. Carl is so much more. He held the attention of 50 youth ages 13-17, for a full two hours. Those that work with youth know, this alone, is no small feat. What impressed me the most is that Carl has a unique ability to teach important lessons while his students think they are simply playing games? Carl makes learning fun.

Bruce V. Olson

Anoka High School

Carl Olson was fabulous with my students! He was able to hold their attention for two full days, and had them asking for more. It wasn't that Carl had lots of knowledge about music, but he understood team building, student dynamics, and peer relationships. He motivated and inspired them with several "hands-on" activities and games, all of which included inspirational stories and a message which reinforced how to lead and get along with others.

Nick Burrows, Guidance Director

Madison Edgewood High School

Your enthusiasm and passion for education is second to none in 32 years as an educator observing presentations.Congratulations, and keep spreading your positive, enthusiastic message!